Nadakhan is the main antagonist of Season 6 of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is voiced by Scott McNeil.


Nadakhan originated in Djinjago, the realm of the Djinn, where he was a prince of the royal house there. For centuries he was a thorn in his parents side and never quite learned how to become a good or respectable Djinn. So, When he couldn't make wishes for himself he decided to live a life of piracy, knowing that he wouldn't be welcomed back into Djinjago. He left Djinjago and went to Ninjago.

At one point in Ninjago's history, he ruled the seas as a pirate captain, leading his crew of sky pirates on his ship, Misfortune's Keep. He and his crew were defeated by Captain Soto and his crew at the end of the era of the Stone Army. He was trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn by Soto, and Captain Soto also somehow trapped his crew mates into the other realms. Hundreds of years later, he was freed by Clouse.



Nadakhan was freed by Clouse after the Teapot of Tyrahn was found in a junk pile in Stiix, and he was summoned by Clouse, and granted him three wishes, where he manipulated Clouse into being trapped into the teapot through his broad wishes. Then he set out to find his pirate crew, where he came to Ninjago City and took on his human guise and stumbled up one of Cyrus Borg's devices, and used it to learn that the Ninja had the realm crystal, where he later shape-shifted as them and committed acts of crime to frame them, and later on appeared to Sensei Wu who then was trapped within the teapot.  

Public Enemy Number One

Nadakhan visits Misako who has been chained and interrogated by the police forces and Nadakhan reveals that he has trapped Clouse and Wu in the Teapot of Tyrahn. Before trapping Misako as well, he tricks her into telling him where the realm crystal is. He goes to Hiroshi's Labyrinth and encounters many Nindroids. He defeats all of them using his powers and escapes with the realm crystal. In the end of the episode, he looks on top of a building at the arrested ninja and he sinisterly chuckles before using the crystal to traverse past the realms and retrieve his crew.


After reuniting with his crew, Nadakhan decided to leave Ninjago and return to his home land, Djinjago, stating that pirates had been forgotten, and that it was better to be in a place where you're hated, than a place where you have been forgotten. When he arrived in Djinjago, he and his crew discovered that it was collapsing. He went to his father and asked him why the realm was being destroyed. His father told him that "when one realm falls, the next falls apart", revealing the Cursed Realm's destruction. He then gave his son the Djinn Blade, and told him that the balance was in his hands. He left Djinjago, and sought out revenge on the Ninja.

Misfortune Rising

Nadakhan sought to trap the Ninja's souls in his Djinn Blade, but failed with Jay as he wished to be rich so to make Nya happy. His loophole didn't help either, as it turned out Jay was adopted and inherited the wealth of his birth-father, Cliff Gordon. Nadakhan then attempted to trap Jay's soul at Cliff Gordon's home, but failed again when Jay inadvertently wished himself to be occupied with Nya again. Nadakhan was encouraged to reunite the rest of his pirate crew byFlintlocke, and he and his pirate crew attacked Ninjago City to distract the Ninja, where he teleported Kai to a beach and tricked him into being trapped into the Djinn Blade. Nadakhan then ordered his crew to depart from Ninjago City, as he got what he came for, and somehow turned Ninjago into a chain of floating islands.

On a Wish and a Prayer

Once Nadakhan captured Kai, he set out to where all the floating pieces of Ninjago were. On the way, Flintlocke told Nadakhan that trust was the wind that blows both ways. Nadakhan told him that was the reason why he was showing them this, as they arrived where all the floating chunks of Ninjago were. Later he teleported to the boat the Ninja were using to travel to Tiger Widow Island, and eventually tricked Zane into the Sword of Souls. He later captures Jay and flies off in a flying dirigible.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

At night on Misfortune's Keep, he revealed to Jay that he only wants to recreate Djinjago out of the floating chunks of Ninjago so he can marry Nya on it, in order to gain the power to grant himself unlimited wishes. Afterwards, he did all he could to "break" Jay's spirit and get him into the Sword of Souls, but failed every time.


When the Sky Pirate crew managed to capture the rest of the Ninja, whom were attempting to rescue Jay and stop Nadakhan, the Djinn Prince attempted to convince Nya. Adamant and wary of his real intentions, she refused and only demanded her friends to be set free. Expecting this, the djinn accepted... by having them walk the plank in midair over the ocean while wearing their vengestone restraints. His manipulation turns back on him when Cole resorts to selfless wishing, like Jay's first wishing attempt, which works. The other Ninja minus Jay pick up on this, to great effect, making Nadakhan helpless to do anything. Eventually, Nya and Jay escape and Nadakhan forces Clancee to wish Cole andLloyd into his sword and Flintlocke into returning Nya to him, or else. 

The Last Resort

When Flintlocke tried to attempt a mutiny, Nadakhan struck him down and told Clancee that he was the new pirate in charge. Later he orders the sky pirates to capture Nya, and they succeed.

Operation Land Ho!

When the sky pirates arrive back in the newly reconstructed Djinjago, they set up the djinn wedding ceremony. Nya tells him that she thinks that she was foolish not to side with him before, Nadakhan believes this and walks to the wedding ceremony with her. When Nadakhan finally married Nya, he banished Clancee, Doubloon and Monkey Wretch telling them that what Flintlocke said was true and he was right that the ceremony was only for himself. Later in the episode Flintlocke finally shoots Nadakhan with the poison of the Tiger Widow, but accidentally hits Nya in the process. Nya dies, but Jay then makes his final wish that the transpired events had never taken place to begin with and that the Teapot of Tyrahn was never found. Nadakhan, who is unable to twist his wish, simply comments: Your wish is yours to keep before making it come true and collapsing. This causes all the events of the season to erase to the point where Nadakhan was never released from his imprisonment by Clouse. Leaving only Jay and Nya to know what really happened.

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