Nanimon was recruited by DemiDevimon to train the other Digimon that DemiDevimon had found to be part of Myotismon's army. Using the aliases of PunkAgumon andReggaePalmon, Agumon and Palmon were able to infiltrate the castle and joined the group of Digimon being trained so they could take out Nanimon and make it safe for theDigiDestined kids to come in. Before long, all of the Digimon were exhausted, and Nanimon refused to feed them, too. Then, Sukamon, who was among those Digimon, hit upon an idea - Nanimon is an avid drinker of soda, but the bubbles go straight to his head and leave him disoriented. One of the Numemon in the group snuck away and found a large store of drinks, and pretty soon, Nanimon was flat on his back (Note - It's painfully obvious that in the original Japanese episode, Nanimon was given alcohol to drink, and became drunk. Censoring in America demanded the change). The kids were then able to get into the castle, and raced to try and stop Myotismon. Nanimon was quick to recover, and assembled the Digimon he had been training to try and stop the kids. Both the Digimon and Nanimon were scared off when the kids' Digimon digivolved to Champion stage, but Myotismon and the members of his army recruited by Gatomon still made it through the portal.

Nanimon's first and only appearance was in "The Gateway To Home." 'His voice is supplied by Dave Mallow. Name: From the Japanese word "nani," meaning "who/what is it?"

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