Nefera de Nile

Full Name

Nefera de Nile




To make Cleo and all others feel inferior to her


None at the moment

Nefera de Nile is one of the daughters of the Mummy and the evil older sister of Cleo de Nile.


Nefera thinks that she is perfect and all others are beneath her-including her younger sister Cleo de Nile. Nefera constantly points out Cleo's flaws and is always trying to get Cleo to be more like her.

Nefera can be quite decetiful, blaming things on Cleo that she hadn't doneoften getting Cleo in trouble.

Nefera is almost like an older Cleo, she doesn't do much for herself, almost always relying on the family's servants and not doing anything she feels is beneath her. She has been very mean since Cleo and her were children. This is most likely because of her royal heritage and the fact that she in next in line for throne- being the eldest sister of the family. Nefera being a "world famous" supermodel also gets to her head, making her even more big-headed and stuck-up than Cleo.

Despite Nefera's nasty ways, she is shown to have her moment's of kindness. She is shown to actually  be able to be a nice ghoul, as shown in "Kind: The Shockumentary", after Cleo had told her she was a great big sister. Nefera let the Kind Campaign leaders through the door without being rude.


In the webisodes, Nefera is voiced by Wendee Lee.

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