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"Listen well, all of you!", "Norm Blandsford,"
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the Mistress of All Evil.
Norm Blandsford and a magician and hypnotist, The Amazing Blackstone. Norm Blandsford bullies the people of Delbert County to give up their property. His master plan to demolish the town and build an Auto Mall comes to a screeching halt when he cannot acquire the remaining holdouts to sign over the deeds. Further thwarted by the arrival of Bunyan and Babe and blinded by greed, Norm makes a deal with the devil by allowing his equally mischievous twin brother into the mix, The Amazing Blackstone. Aspiring to be the greatest magician in the world, and ignoring the fact he has very little talent, Blackstone’s one actual skill is his power of hypnosis. He despises his identical twin brother, Norm, but agrees to help take over the town for personal reasons. Like all magicians, Blackstone has one more trick up his sleeve, and he’ll go to any length to prove to Norm he’s better and smarter than him. Even if that means destroying Delbert in the process. They are twins in greed and ambition but certainly not ‘brotherly love’.

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