The Hitchhiker was first seen walking down the road in the unforgiving Texas heat when he's picked up by Sally Hardesty and her friends. Inside the van, he slashes his own hand with a knife Sally's brother Franklin is messing with and then shows the gang his own knife. With a polaroid camera, he takes a picture of Franklin, who wouldn't buy the picture and quickly set fire to the photo. Amongst the chaos of the smoke, he slashes Franklin's arm with a straight razor, he is then kicked out of the van and chases it a short distance, yelling and kicking at it, but soon stops.

It is later revealed that he is the middle child of the Sawyer family, his older brother being Drayton and his little brother being the infamous Leatherface. When Sally regained consciousness at the dinner table, the Hitchhiker immediately recognizes her and begins taunting and tormenting her along with the rest of the family.

The Sawyers decide to kill Sally and at first give Grandpa a try with a hammer, but she is able to escape. The Hitchhiker chases her and quickly caught up with her, slashing her with a knife repeatedly. Meanwhile, he doesn't see a semi-truck speeding down the road and is killed when he is run over.

In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, he appears as a 'corpse puppet' carried by his twin brother Chop Top (who does not appear in the first film because he was stationed in Vietnam).

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