Old Nick is the main antagonist of the 2010 novel Room, as well as it's 2015 film adaptation, in which he is potrayed by Sean Bridgers.


A five-year old boy, Jack (Jacob Tremblay), and his mother, Ma (Brie Larson), are living in a small squalid space crowded with a bed, toilet, bathtub, and rudimentary kitchen. There are no windows, only a single skylight in the ceiling. This is Room. They are captives of a man Ma calls Old Nick (Sean Bridgers), who abducted the 24-year-old Ma seven years ago. He has been keeping her in a shed behind his home and repeatedly raping her. Old Nick is Jack's father, and Ma has protected Jack from the reality of their situation, in part, by having Jack sleep in a wardrobe while Old Nick sexually abuses her.

Every day, Ma and Jack engage in routines (such as saying "hello" to each item in Room), exercise, and try to retain their mental health. Jack celebrates his fifth birthday, and Ma is shown to be suffering from nutritional issues due to the family's poor diet. In time, Ma learns that Old Nick is unemployed and may not have the money to pay for food and vitamins for her and Jack. Realizing Jack's life is now in danger, Ma tells Jack about the outside world. Old Nick punishes Ma for attacking him one night by cutting the heat for several days, and Ma is able to fake Jack's illness and death. She trains Jack to play dead inside a rolled-up carpet to trick Old Nick into taking his body out of the room and burying him. Old Nick takes the roll of carpet, places Jack in the back of his pickup truck, and drives away through a residential neighborhood. Although stunned by strong sunlight and his first exposure to the outside world, Jack makes an escape with the help of a pedestrian, and Old Nick flees. The police rescue Ma, and she and Jack are taken to a hospital.

Ma has a reunion with her parents, but learns that they are divorced and that her mother (Joan Allen) has a new husband, Leo (Tom McCamus). She returns with Jack to her childhood home, where her mother and Leo reside. Her father (William H. Macy), however, cannot accept Jack, and soon leaves. Jack initially struggles to adjust to life in the "real world", speaking only in whispers to his mother and expressing a desire to return to Room. But he begins to bond with Leo, and starts making good progress toward a normal life. Ma struggles with anger issues (lashing out at her mother), and worries that Jack is not developing as fast as he should. Even her relationship with Jack deteriorates.

Old Nick is detained by the authorities, and Ma worries about having to testify in court. To raise money for medical and psychiatrict treatment.

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