Full Name



Zombear Oodoo


Kill off the living bears at Perfection Island


Killed by Naughty Bear

Oodoo is an antagonist in Naughty Bear. He is one of the main antagonists of Episode 4, titled Night of the Living Ted. He is the ruler of the Zombears.


Naughty Bear

Oodoo appears as one of the primary antagonists of Episode 4, Night of the Living Ted. He and his undead horde are summoned from the grave when Nibbles accidentally reads the Dead Book, mistaking it for a cooking book. Upon rising from the dead, Oodoo and his undead army launches an attack on Perfection Island, attempting to wipe out the living bears. During the attack, one of the bears calls the Army Bears, who arrive to quell the threat. During the fight, Naughty Bear arrives to punish Nibbles, and in the ensuing battle, Oodoo and his horde are defeated.

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

Oodoo reappears as an antagonist in Panic in Paradise. He and his horde are summoned by DJ Fuzz, and take up residence in the underground fuzz. To punish DJ Fuzz, Naughty disguises himself as Oodoo and attacks him, which will result in DJ Fuzz being killed by his own summoned Zombears.

To prevent the Zombears from taking over the island, Naughty is tasked with defeating Oodoo. To accomplish this, Naughty must disguise himself as a shaman and kill Oodoo with a sacrificial dagger. 

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