Oozers are reccuring antagonists in the Cartoon Network TV series Adventure time. They are unknown creatures in a zombie-like state caused by mutation during the Mushroom War. They serve as the main antagonists of the episodes Simon and Marcy, James, and James II.

Adventure time

They are first shown in Simon and Marcy where Marceline tells Finn and Jake how she and Ice King (Simon Petrikov) survived the conditions after the Mushroom War. In the story, a young Marcy is sick and has a low fever, so Simon takes her to a local Soupery to get her some chicken soup to make her feel better. However, when they arrive they see an Oozer lurking in the shop, but Simon manages to defeat him with his crown. Later, Simon and Marcy quest deeper into the abandoned city, by walking through a large concrete storm-drain. Marcy seems worse, but Simon notices a food truck abandoned on a broken bridge that passes over the storm-drain up ahead. They climb up, only to see it is a clam truck called, "The Clambulance," a frustrated Simon asks Marcy to cover her ears as he "curses" and kicks the truck. Suddenly, slime creatures emerge from inside. Simon then pushes the truck off of the bridge with the slime creatures on it, but the truck's siren starts going off after it crashes into the ground. This attracts a horde of the slime creatures, who chase Simon and Marcy to a dead end in an alleyway. Simon is forced to put his crown on, and tries to stay normal by singing Gary Portnoy's "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" (the theme from "Cheers") repeatedly, and after knocking all of the creatures out, takes his crown off. 

They return in the present day episode James where Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and her assistant James go on an expedition into dangerous territory.  They stumble upon a large pit where they awaken the monsters who instantly attack them . Princess Bubblegum, Finn, Jake, and James all rush back into their mode of transportation for safety. The Goo Monsters trap them inside the ship by breaking off its legs and crowding around the sides. PB asks Finn if he can think of a plan for escape he suggest they radio for help. After she explains that the radio is broken James offers to fix it with help from his "lucky coin". Jake exclaims that James isn't helping but PB assures him that James is very resourceful. While James is fixing the radio, Finn, Jake, and PB head to the inventory room. Jake finds a box of flares right before James notifies the three that he fixed the radio. PB goes to check on the radio and tells that it's still not working. Finn checks the radio's inside and finds that its wires have been cut but James says that it was working a while ago and tested it himself. Finn tells James to pass him the flares, but when he opens the container, the flares are gone. Distraught, Jake tells Finn and PB to talk to him in the other room. Jake claims that James is a saboteur but PB denies it before finding that James is with them, asking what they were talking about. Finn gets an idea and gets PB and James to make a diversion while he and Jake look for a safe path out the place. Out of nowhere, somebody fires the missing flares which attracts the monsters towards their ship. Jake is terrified, mentioning Lady Rainicorn and their five kids thinking he'd outlive at least one of them. James hands his lucky coin to Jake to help him calm down. Finn asked James if he shot the flares but PB says that they don't have time to blame each other. Finn tells his last plan, to distract the monsters while the others run to safety but PB knocks Finn and Jake out with a wrench. Finn wakes up for a while, seeing James hand over a part of him to PB then falls unconscious again. He wakes up again to see Jake and himself being carried by PB to safety while James distracts the monsters shortly before being devoured. After they got away, PB explains to Finn that she was the one who sabotaged their escaped plans. She explains she calculated every chance of escape plans they had and none of them were going to work so she had James do Finn's last escape plan. Saddened, Finn asked why PB didn't let him. PB explained that she could clone another James using the candy part from James, but couldn't clone Finn. Back to the present, PB tells the candy citizens of James's heroism and honors him with the new James she made then gives him an award for bravery. Finn is unsure whether it was right or wrong before Jake gives the new James the lucky coin. The scene goes to the pit, where the original James, now zombified, is seen climbing up and is seemingly leading the goo monsters out of the hole. Ready for an invasion.

They once again return in James II where James clones pretend to be heroes in order to get medals, however real danger comes as the Oozers arrive in the kingdom and attack it. Finn then warns everyone not to touch them, as anything that touches them melts. The Banana Guards get scared and run into the kingdom. Finn notices some Candy Orphans playing there. He asks Jake for help to bring them inside the kingdom. As they get busy with this task, the Jameses notice PB in danger. They notice the Original James attacking her, and then try to save her by dogpiling on him and fusing together. This causes the Original James to be fused with the clones and be killed. The Jameses say, "We told you we were heroes!"  while the rest of the Oozers were either destroyed or ran away.

They are shortly seen in Everything Stays in one of Marceline's flashbacks. And later in another one in The Thin Yellow Line.


  • They are similair to Varmints, who also travel and fight in groups.
  • Also, it seems that the Shape-Shifter being from another episode is actually an evolved Oozer.
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