Otis is an antagonist in the Fat albert episode the prankster he is a prankster who to play practical jokes on people he pranks bill with a surprise joke he first appears when fat albert and the gang are taking about a horror movie they saw when a spider appears and scares fat albert which makes him fall on a garbage can and when Otis comes out and introduces himself to the Gang and tells hat it was just a rubber spider when everyone laughs at Fat Albert and then for the anisiation for being leader of the Gang the Gang makes him go in a old house that is haunted and then doesn't come so they get Fat albert to check on him and then they see a ghost and then they see it's actually Otis and then they laugh thinking about what how Fat Albert will scared when he sees him and Fat Albert runs out scared when he sees it was actually Otis he gets mad then while the Gang are walking bill asks fat albert if he's coming but he doesn't want to and then Otis and bill prank Violet saying she has something crawling on her back and then leaves when violet says she doesn't think their funny one bit and the gang leaves meanwhile Otis pranks a bunch of mean guys who get mad when Otis pranks them and challenges him to a fight when Otis teaches the gang how to defend themselves and actually pranks them by making them fall in a old bathtub and then the gang decide to teach him a lesson by not helping him and letting the mean gang beat him up and then when they arrive they teach him a lesson by tripping him and scaring him and then doing the black eye prank to him and then Otis runs inside the shed he then learns and then sees a ad of a practical joke when the gang stares at him angrily meanwhile bill checks in his mailbox if there's a prank inside but it was actually lunch for him packed his mother


he is voiced by Lou scheimer who is the voice actor of dumb Donald

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