Pale Snakes are unknown magical beings who serve as the final and true main antagonists of the 2014 movie Mune: Guardian of the Moon. They are all voiced by Paolo Domingo.


During the entire film, the heroes Mune, Glim and Sohone set off to defeat Necross, an entity who steals the moon and the sun in order to plunge the world into darkness. However, by the 3/4 of the film it is revealed that it is not him who is actually to blame. Upon finishing the new moon after the old one was destroyed, Mune and Glim enter the world of darkness and soon find Sohone (who previously entered before them) surrounded by a mass of pale snakes who make fun of him and try to make him go mad with hatred, as Necross had done in the past. Sohone is saved by Phospho's intervention, who sacrifices himself to calm and free Sohone. Sohone, Mune and Glim then confront Necross and his imps. Sohone is going strongly against Necross, who he doesn't manage to weaken. Mune finally gets rid of one of the imps. Glim is not threatened by the other imp, called Spleen, who doesn't want to do evil and prefers to discuss gardening with her. Glim finds the Sun and blows on it to revive its fire, but that causes her to melt. Mune finally comes up with a way to defeat Necross: he sends him to sleep with his powers. In the world of dreams, Mune realises that Necross is influenced by a pale snake, which he then pulls out and crushes. Necross regains his Guardian of the Sun appearance he had before geting corrupted by envy.

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