Paola Bracho is main antagonist in 1998 Mexican soap opera La Usurpadora. She is played by Gabriela Spanic.


Paola and Paulina are twin sisters who were separated at birth. Paulina is a good young woman who lives in poverty. Paola is the evil sister of the two who is married to a wealthy man named Carlos Daniel Bracho (Fernando Colunga). When the twins cross paths by chance, Paola blackmails Paulina to take Paola's place in the Bracho home while she takes a year-long vacation with her lover. Abandoned by her fiancé Osvaldo and following the death of her sick mother, Paulina submits to Paola's plan. During the year living in the Bracho household, Paulina brings stability to the chaos that had been wrought by Paola but is conflicted because she falls in love with Carlos Daniel. Paola eventually returns to take her rightful place, but not without the truth being discovered by the family. Returning to her old ways, Paola inflicts more damage on the family and on Paulina upon her return, but is ultimately killed in a car accident. This liberates Paulina and allows her to marry Carlos Daniel. The two live happily ever after and the Bracho family is finally in peace.

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