Group: Bird - Level: Ultimate - Type: Vaccine - Attack Technique: Sonic Destroyer Parrotmon was the Digimon who came through a dimensional breach to Earth four years before the kids were transported to the DigiWorld for the first time. Upon arriving on Earth, he went on a rampage, endangering the lives of the young Tai and Kari. Earlier, a Digi-Egg had come through Tai and Kari's computer, and had hatched into a Botamon. The Botamon had Digivolved into a Koromon, and then into an Agumon - and when Tai and Kari were in danger, it Digivolved again, into aGreymon, which began battling with Parrotmon. Their battle destroyed the road-bridge in the Highton View Terrace area, before they were both drawn back into the DigiWorld. What became of Parrotmon is unknown. Eight years after the events at Highton View Terrace, another Parrotmon was seen in New York when Digimon were appearing all over Earth. Later, another Parrotmon was spotted during the final battle with MaloMyotismon. Chronologically speaking, Parrotmon first appears in "Digimon: The Movie." He first appears in the series in a flashback in "Return to Highton View Terrace." He is first referred to by name in another past-sequence in "The Ultimate Clash," where he gets a Digimon Analyser screen. His voice is supplied by David Lodge. Name: From "parrot," a tropical bird.

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