Patience St. Pim is a villain in Adventure Time. She is voiced by Lauren Lapkus.

Adventure time

She is introduced in Elemental, where it is revealed that she was one of the many incarnations of the elementals (in her case-Ice) that existed since the creation of the Earth, however, upon having a vision of The Lich's upcoming attack on the Earth, she decided to freeze herself in order to stay alive and keep her powers. Soon, she was found by Ice King, Finn and Jake, who unfroze her. After that she freezes Finn and Jake and uses her charm to manipulate Ice King into kidnapping Princess Bubblegum, Slime Princess and Flame Princess (the current elementals) so they could get back together. However, PB, SP and FP manage to free themselves and Finn and Jake. Angered, Patience unleashes her Ice powers, saying that the world will soon know her (implying she will cause mayhem). Fortunately, she ends up stuck by SP's slime. Later, she forces Ice King to start scrapping off the slime, while swearing to start some crazy business.

She returns once again as the main antagonist of the episode Jelly Beans Have Power. Here she causes Prinvess Bubblegum to have dreams of her past self in order to gain full power through her elemental capabilities. She then later tries to get it out of her by force by disguising herself as a crystal entity and attacking the Candy Kingdom. Fortunately, Bubblegum manages to use her intelligence in science to figure out how to unlock a finishing blow to the crystal entity which, upon destruction, shows a brief glimpse of Patience's silhouette. However, after destroying the entity, Bubblegum accidentally hurts a lot of Candy people. Causing them to fear her and drop her confidence. At the end of the episode, Patience's influence is revealed. It is also seen that she has a chart featuring all the current elementals along with sensitive information of them and pictures of their powers. She then puts her lipstick on a paper airplane and throws it at Bubblegum's picture, causing it to get checked.

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