Paulie is a gangster boss who serves as the main antagonist of the 2013 Nickelodeon movie Nicky Deuce. He is played by the Screen Actors Guild Award winner- Vincent Curatola.

Nicky Deuce Edit

Nicholas Borelli II is an awkward teen from a boring suburb who is supposed to go to math camp while his parents are away on a business trip. However, when the camp is cancelled his parents reluctantly send him to stay with his Grandma Tutti and Uncle Frankie in Brooklyn. Although he dreads it at first, Nicky begins to enjoy eating his grandmother's cooking and learning about the neighborhood and his heritage from his uncle. But then things turn strange when he begins to suspect his uncle is a gangster, just like in the movies. So, he decides to go in on that, he becomes popular, self-confident and gives himself the name Nicky Deuce. However, soon he is taken to Paulie who decides to make him do a certain delivery task fro him, thinking that he, unlike his uncle, won't ask any questions. Later, when he delivers the needed package, he realises what its for. It is revealed that Paulie is using the help of a man known only as The Doctor to hypnotise a racing horse into bursting in extreme speed when needed in order to earn betting money. Nicky and his friends manage to get the horse away, but Paulie kidnaps Tutti in order for him and Nicky to swap, only to go back on his word and imprision all of them. However, they manage to set free and try to stop him from cashing in his money. It is then revealed that Frankie isn't a gangster, rather, he is an undercover cop who was only serving as an inside spy. He calls back up, who immediately arrest Paulie and his associates.

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