Percival C. McLeach

Full Name

Percival C. McLeach




Capture Marahute and sell her for money


Falls down a waterfall to his death

I didn't make it all the way through third grade for nothing!
~ Percival C. McLeach

Percival C. McLeach is the main antagonist in The Rescuers Down Under. He is a dangerous Australian poacher who captures rare animals and sells them.

He was voiced by George C. Scott.


McLeach, at the time of the story, was wanted by authorities for illegal poaching, and is currently after the rare golden eagle bird. He succeeded in killing the male golden eagle, and is now after the female. While setting a trap for the bird, he comes across a young boy named Cody. McLeach realizes that Cody had met the bird, which he named Marahute, and schemes to force the boy to reveal the bird's location. McLeach kidnaps Cody, throwing his backpack in a crocodile-infested river to trick authorities into thinking Cody was eaten.

Taking Cody to his lair, McLeach bargains with Cody for the eagle's whereabouts, but the boy refuses. When his pet goanna, Joanna, steals one of McLeach's eggs, McLeach is inspired to lie to Cody, telling him that someone killed Marahute, and releases him. He then mentions that the eagle's eggs won't survive without her, causing Cody to return to the egg's location, leading McLeach to them. The poacher succeeds in captures Marahute and the eggs. Cody attempts to save the bird, but McLeach captures him as well.

McLeach decides to get rid of Cody by feeding him to crocodiles, but Bernard stops the machine McLeach was using to lower Cody into the river. McLeach attempts to finish Cody off with a shotgun, but Bernard tricks Joanna into knocking McLeach into the river, causing the crocodiles to attack him instead. McLeach attempts to fight them off, and the crocodiles eventually swim away. McLeach realizes too late, however, that he is heading towards a waterfall, and proceeds to fall to his death.


  • According to McLeach, he only made it to the third grade in education.


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