Perfect is the main antagonist of the 2015 Nickelodeon movie Splitting Adam. He is one of Adam's clones who represents over-confidence (which explains his role as the villain). He, just like Adam and his clones, is potrayed by Jace Norman.

Splitting Adam Edit

In order to impress Lori (the main female protagonist), Adam, after realizing how the clone machine he found works, creates a clone of himself that is set to be cool, brave and basically awesome, dubbing him the name Perfect. At first, the plan works. Perfect humiliates the bully Vance Hansum and impresses Lori. However, soon he himself falls in love with Lori, and keeps disobeying Adam at his orders. later, one of the clones finds a video where the inventor reveals that the cloning will have deadly effect on Adam, and that he must immediately erase all of them. Angered, Perfect steals the machine's power source and, after a magic show in the waterpark Adam works in, he tries to tempt Lori into being with him. Lori refuses and takes the powers source, she then lures him up to the highest water slide in the park (where Adam and his friends put the machine in order to capture Perfect)but accidentally slips and is in danger of falling. Perfect demands to be given the power source, but Adam comes and fights Perfect. Lori manages to get away and deliver the source to Adam's friends so they can activate the machine, while Perfect corners Adam. However, Adam manages to trip Perfect off the water slide, causing him to fall down the machine and be erased from existence.

Trivia Edit

  • Although tehnicaly being a kid, he is very violent and evil, being even more cruel than H.O.S.S
  • In personality, he is similar to another Nickelodeon villain, Caitlyn Crisp. However, unlike Caitlyn, Perfect does not redeem himself.
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