Pete Buchanan is an antagonist in Hollyoaks.


Pete is Reenie McQueen's ex-boyfriend, it is revealed that he sexually assaulted Porsche McQueen when she was 15 years old and subjected her younger sisters, Celine and Cleo to varying levels of abuse. He leaves Reenie after Cleo and Porche stand up to him but later returns at Cleo's begs, who is desperate for her mother, Reenie, to lay off drinking, which has got out of hand since Pete left. Pete grows extremely jealous of Cleo's relationship with her boyfriend, Harry, even persuading Jack Osborne to rethink his decision of letting Cleo work for him during the summer. To prevent Cleo from going to see Harry, Pete rapes Cleo. Pete proposes to Reenie but this is only so he can get as close to Cleo as possible. Pete continues to sexually abuse cleo at every chance he gets, even sabotaging Porche's birthday party in order to get another chance to do so. At some point Pete doesn't use a condom when having sex with Cleo and she has to go to the sexual health clinic which infuriates Porsche, Cleo lies and says she slept with Harry unprotected to protect Pete. Later that evening, Reenie and Pete buy Cleo the contraceptive pill.

Weeks later, Pete meets Jade Albright who is being fostered by the Osborne family, Pete helps Jade with her schoolwork and gives her a phone so he can start grooming her. Cleo later notices how Pete is acting with Jade and threatens to expose their relationship to Reenie.

On the week of Pete and Reenie’s wedding, Cleo is ready to expose her and Pete’s relationship to her mum when Pete makes Cleo believe that Reenie has cancer. After Cleo learns this is a lie she confronts Cleo again and he calls her a "lying bitch". Soon after Harry learns of the secret relationship and exposes it to the McQueen family at the wedding. Porsche then lets her anger out at Pete and Cleo storms off while John Paul threatens to kill Pete. The next day, Jade asks Pete to give her a lift to an old foster home when she believes the Osborne’s don’t want her anymore. Sonia manages to get a message to Jade about Pete being a pervert and Jade bashes a car door on him. Later on Pete is knocked down by Darren Osborne’s taxi. The next day it is revealed that Reenie ran Pete over and he threatens to tell the truth if she doesn’t stop pushing Cleo to make a statement to the police.

At Christmas, Pete is spying on the McQueen’s where he knows Reenie is on the run, he phones the police as she is planning to leave with Porsche.

A few weeks later Pete sends Cleo a text asking to meet up and she goes not realising it is him. Cleo tells Pete that she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. Pete then tries to get a job from Nathan Nightingale. Harry confronts Pete for being at the pub working and Pete pretends that Harry attacked him and Jason Roscoe arrests Harry.


Pete is charming and deceptive as well as seeming to be "a nice guy" and as such he was able to convince Reenie that Porsche propositioned him at the time of the event. He is extremely possessive of Cleo to the point of trying her from any life or friends out side of him.

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