The Phantom Blot is a notorious criminal and an enemy of Mickey Mouse. He made his first appearance in the Mickey Mouse comic Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot. His goal is universal domination.La ManchaHades FanAdded by Hades FanThe Blot made his animated debut in DuckTales, and since became a recurring antagonist in Mickey Mouse Works. The Phantom Blot will be featured in the upcoming video game for the Wii currently codenamed "Epic Mickey". In this role, he is the main villain, having been accidentally created by Mickey spilling paint and thinner over a world of forgotten Disney characters created by Yen Sid and ruled by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He proceeded to corrupt the world into a Wasteland, force Oswald out of power, allying with The Mad Doctor and later playing on Oswald's envy against Mickey to use him as a puppet. His appearance will also be given an upgrade, going from looking like a man wearing all black to an actual monstrous mountain of ink.

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