Pitch in his lair

Full Name

Kozmotis Pitchiner


Pitch Black, Pitch, the Nightmare King, the Boogeyman


Plunge the world into fear and darkness and take over the world


Dragged back into his lair by his own nightmares

It's your turn not to be believed in.
~ Pitch to the Guardians

Pitch Black is the main antagonist of the 2012 DreamWorks animated film, Rise of the Guardians. He is the Boogeyman and the Nightmare King who plots to make children forget their beloved Guardians and send the world into "eternal darkness", an era where fear is the only thing that can be felt anywhere by anyone. He is voiced by Jude Law.



Pitch Black is an ancient Bogeyman who has walked the Earth for centuries. During the Dark Ages, he was a powerful wielder of darkness, and held immense power over humanity due to their utter fear and hopelessness. However, Pitch's power was lost when the Man in the Moon chose the Guardians to bring hope to the children of the world, causing them to lose their fear of the Bogeyman. As a result, Pitch lost so much power that he became invisible to humanity, unable to be seen, heard or felt by them. 

In the darkness, Pitch's lonely existence caused him to grow more bitter against the Guardians, who were beloved by all. Ultimately, Pitch devised a plan to destroy belief in the Guardians so that he would regain his power, and plunge the world into darkness.

Rise of the GuardiansEdit

For centuries, Pitch searched for a way to strike against the Guardians. Eventually, he found a way to transform the Sandman's dreams into nightmares, which are monstrous horses that he controls. This new development led to the Man in the Moon electing Jack Frost to become a guardian to help defeat Pitch.

Pitch Black raided the Tooth Fairy's castle and abducted all of her fairies, save for Baby Tooth. As a result, many children were not visited by the tooth fairy, destroying their belief in her. To counteract this, the Guardians offered to take up the job of the fairies in their stead. When Pitch learned of this, he attacked the Guardians with his nightmares. During the battle, Sandman was destroyed by Pitch. This led to Jack unleashing a powerful attack that repelled the nightmares, stoking Pitch's interest in Jack's power.

As the Guardians prepared for Easter, Pitch lured Jack to his lair using Jack's memories. There, Pitch abducted Baby Tooth and allowed Jack access to his memory, but warned him that this would lead to disappointing the other Guardians. This, however, was a distraction, as Pitch sent the nightmares to destroy all the Easter eggs, resulting in the children losing faith in the Easter Bunny, rendering him invisible. As a result, Jack fled to Antarctica.

Pitch followed Jack and attempted to coerce Jack into joining him, claiming that children would believe in both of them. When Jack refused, Pitch held Baby Tooth hostage and forced Jack to give up his staff. Jack then destroyed Jack's staff and knocked him into a chasm before leaving to claim Santa's workshop as his own. As Pitch began snuffing out all children's belief worldwide, he realized that there was one child who still believed, Jamie Bennett.

To destroy Jamie's belief, Pitch put Jamie's town under siege. The weakened Guardians attempted to protect Jamie, but were no match for Pitch's power. However, Jack, who had regained his memories and restored his staff, managed to restore the belief in Jamie's friends, restoring the Guardian's power and allowing them to fight back. Pitch attempted to fight back, but the children's belief restored the Sandman, who quickly overpowered Pitch and restored alal belief worldwide. 

Upon awakening and realizing that his power was gone, Pitch fled into the forest, but was intercepted by the guardians. Though defeated, Pitch reminded the Guardians that there would always be fear. Undeterred, the Guardians claimed that if only one child believed, they'd be around to fight fear. Pitch was then dragged into his lair by his own nightmares and trapped.


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