Formerly one of Moo's Big Bad Four, Pixie left Moo after Genki opened her eyes to the truth of Moo's evil. Although her exact age is not known, Pixie appears to be in her early twenties. Pixie is based on the pure-bred pixies depicted on the Monster Rancher video game. Her overall appearance is that of a slim young woman with red hair and a pair of leathery wings. Two silver horns jut from her head and she has a whip-like tail that ends in a small spike. Her usual garb is a reddish-pink bikini-like outfit. Pixie is one of the most physically powerful characters featured on the Monster Rancher series. In addition to seemingly superhuman strength and speed, Pixie can fly and generate massive energy surges and fire walls. Pixie came to play a semi-regular role on Monster Rancher, and helped Genki and his friends time and again until she was mortally injured by Moo. By the sacrifice of her follower, Big Blue, Pixie was healed and reborn as Granity. After this transformation, Pixie took on an almost angelic appearance. Her wings became feathery and her hair turned green, and her reddish-pink clothes were replaced with stone battle armor. Pixie’s disposition ranges from quiet and shrewd to level-headed and mature.

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