Pizza Steve is a main antagonist/protagonist of the Cartoon Network TV series Uncle Grandpa. He is voiced by Adam Devine.

Villainous acts

  • Pizza Steve is known to bully Mr. Gus in most episodes, usually by making fun of him for being grumpy or blaming everything on him.
  • "Funny Face": Pizza Steve makes fun of Mr. Gus the most while he, Uncle Grandpa, GRFT, and Belly Bag have a funny face contest.
  • "Mystery Noise": In the episode there was a scene where everyone was wondering if one of them was making the noise keeping them up. Pizza Steve accuses Mr. Gus for it, just because he hates him and at the end of this episode, there was a segment called "Tiger Talk: Roommate Problems", which was a talk show based segment. It was a talk show with Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve were on it and they were having a debate on who leaft a knife covered in peanut butter on the counter. When the lie detector test came in, it was Pizza Steve, but Uncle Grandpa was reading it and he said he couldn't read so Pizza Steve read it and said it was Mr. Gus. When Mr. Gus asked to see it, he quickly ate it and Mr. Gus got sent to Boot camp.
  • "Big in Japan": When they traveled to Japan to help make a movie, Mr. Gus gets the lead role. Pizza Steve fires a bazooka at Mr. Gus which "kills" him. After finding out that he is alive, Pizza Steve thinks he is a zombie and orders everyone to kill him with chainsaws. Thre was also a short where Pizza Steve annoys Mr. Gus with the radio station.
  • "Leg Wrestle": He serves as the hidden main antagonist. When UG and Mr. Gus fight over what to watch on TV, Pizza Steve trains them for "Leg Wrestling". Pizza Steve trains UG the most, while he forces Mr. Gus to do his chores. He also scammed both of them so he can watch TV while they wrestle.
  • "Bad Morning": One of Pizza Steve's most antagonistic role. Although by accident, he is the reason why Uncle Grandpa is grouchy because he was going to get some ice cream, but the RV was off limits, so he drove Uncle Grandpa's racecar bed, but parked it on the wrong side when he got back, to which Mr. Gus made sure that he is banned from driving. Mr. Gus tells him to drive while they are trying to catch him, as he argues with Mr. Gus about driving.
  • "Nickname": In the first few parts of the this episode, Pizza Steve makes a kid feel bad about himself, because he doesn't have a nickname like all the other kids.
  • ''Prank War'': main antagonist role. He continously pranks Mr. Gus and brings him pain just for the fun of it, and later after he saves his life, Pizza Steve coldly pranks him again, only to then get a taste of his medicine.
  • "Uncle Grandpa Sitter": In a scene on this episode Pizza Steve and his friends were at the ice cream shop eating ice cream, but Pizza Steve was just eating samples so he wouldn't have to pay. When the employee there told him he had to start paying for the samples, he threatened to have Giant Realistic Flying Tiger attack him. Out of fear the employee lets him have more free samples.
  • ''Bezt Friend'': main antagonist role, he hurts Uncle Grandpa's feelings by telling him that he is not his friend, and later bullies on him with Moon Man. However, in the end he does realize that Uncle Grandpa really is his friend.
  • ''Pizza Steve's diary'': main antagonist role, he purposely exposes Mr. Gus to danger just so he wouldn't read his diary. At the end, he himself acidentally confesses all of his secrets to him, thinking that he read it. When he really didn't.
  • "Brain Games": In the beginning of the episode, Pizza Steve makes fun of Mr. Gus, because he thinks he's a loser.
  • "1992 Called": In this episode, when Uncle Grandpa accidentally put 1992 pants in 1492, he picks Mr. Gus to go with him. However he says the reasons why he's gonna pick him before he confirms that he is gonna pick him, but Pizza Steve whispers a reason and that reason is covered in pepperoni.
  • "Food Truck": Another main antagonist role. He makes Uncle Grandpa and the rest of the group go into the food truck business, overworking everybody. Also in the beginning of the episode, he drives his motor bike all over the kitchen which creates exhaust fumes that make everyone cough and lose their appetite, but this helps the group in the end, as it keeps the customers from eating the RV.
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