The Police are reccuring antagonists of the Henry Stickmin series. They serve as the main antagonists of Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond.

Escaping the Prison

After catching Henry tryng to break in the bank in the first game, the policemen spend their watch hours bullying Henry and making fun of him, until Henry recevies a cake with a ton of escaping material.

In the Sneaky path, Henry escapes when he cuts out the cell door pole, which he uses to knock down Dave and the other police officer (Note: if the player fails to respond fast enough, either Dave will kick Henry down, or the other police officer will taser Henry from behind, both leading to a 'fail'). Then another two policemen come out from elevator, so Henry locks himself into a small room where he finds more things to help him, soon he manages to get to the top of the building and climb down using plungers.

In the Badass path, Henry uses the drill and starts drilling the cell floor. He falls down into the bathroom on the floor below. There he finds a crowbar, Henry uses the crowbar to break the manhole. He jumps into pipe and falls right into the main hall, with armed policemen and guards about. They start shooting and chasing him as he runs around the pillars. He can go left or right.Henry goes left, but then he sees there is a wall in front of him. Henry climbs to the wall, bounces off and escapes, but he falls into the police ambush. As Wild West music plays, you must wait for the series' hardest quick-time event (probably, anyway). Prison Chief starts firing bullets at him. If you fail to click at the right time, Henry is killed, leading to a fail. Click at the right time however and Henry dodges all the bullets with Matrix Bullet-Time, catches the last one and splits the Chief's gun. After that they all surrender, and Henry escapes out of the building (after playing mind games with the terrified guards), then sees the police car parked outside, keys still in the ignition... (this is the canon ending)

In the Lame path, Henry's lawyer manages to make something stupid up and frame a policeman for doing the crime, thus freeing Henry.

Stealing the Diamond

They serve as security for the newly transferred diamond in the museum

In the aggressive way, Henry hops onto his scooter and starts riding right towards the museum. However, two guards see him and then Henry busts through the museum door, killing a guard and then starts riding throughout the museum hallway. Henry continues riding through the hallway, but three guards see him, and try to stop him. Henry uses the shield to reflect the guards' bullets and the club and he safely goes through the blockade. Then he enters into the Tunisian Exhibition area, right to the diamond, awaking a sleeping guard in the process. An alarm gets activated, so Henry has to do something quickly. Henry attaches a cable to the scooter and continues driving with the diamond behind him. Then Ted McAdams starts explaining to another guard the events of putting Winston Davis into prison and arresting him, and at that moment Henry bursts through the room and escapes through the back exit. Then he takes the the road, he gets 2 stars, GTA style. Where a police car starts chasing him. Co-driver Johnny then takes the pistol and takes aim at Henry's head, Henry takes a rock from the road and hits Johnny in the head, who then falls off the car so the driver calls reinforcements. And Henry gets 3 stars. A police helicopter comes and a sniper aims at Henry with his rifle. Henry activates the bubble on his scooter which deflects the sniper's bullets. Then he drives into a tunnel so the helicopter can't continue chasing him. Then he finds at a dead end - he ends on a broken bridge where he can't drive any further. He has to stop, so the police ambush him. An officer tells him to put his hands in the air or he will be forced to shoot. Henry pushes the diamond off the bridge, which is connected to his scooter, so he falls down with it. He finds himself beside a swamp, right next to the diamond. Then he starts celebrating his victory.

In the Epic way, Henry uses pick to break the wall. He does it slowly, but then Creeper (green monster from Minecraft game) appears on his back, so he gets frightened and destroys the wall. He comes into the World War 2 museum room guarded by Dave and another security guard. Dave starts telling him how he got fired on his job. Henry needs to pass them, so throws a WW2 German airplane model to the security guard's head. Dave gets scared and starts running, crashing into a column. Henry then has to pass the sleeping guard to get into the grand exhibit area. He can go straight, at Retro area, and right, to grand exhibit area. Henry enters the retro area, which is at the back of the grand exhibit area. He can enter the door, but guards Steven Lewis and Joe are guarding the diamond. Henry Henry touches the super mushroom from Super Mario Brothers, turning him into a giant. As he enters the room, Joe starts shooting Henry. However, because of his size, the bullets just bounce off Henry. He also wakes up a baby dinosaur in the museum, who attacks a nearby guard. Suddenly he gets shot by a cannon and returns to his normal size. It starts getting chaotic in the grand exhibit, so the news of the chaos reaches the CCC. Then, a CCC member a button with gears on it. A robot crashed onto the museum building, and starts to destroy the building. Henry has no choice but to run away from the chaos. Then, Henry made it out and relieved. The diamond suddenly lands beside him. He puts his foot on the diamond, and looks and the sky, dramatically. 

In the Undetected way, He activates the teleporter, he is teleported on the roof of the building, he hides behind a ventilation fan. And there's a guard standing nearby the entrance to the top of the exhibition room. Henry darts into the doorway. Later, Henry is seen on top of a walkway. And the diamond is below him. He straps the wire to the guard rail, and himself. He jumps down and he lands. He is in front of the diamond and lightly touches the hammer onto the glass casing. The glass casing turns into dust and Henry carries the diamond. He sees Ted McAdams and another guard in front of him, he catapults himself with the plank and lands on a cushion near the exit. Next to him, Ted McAdams and the random guard surprisingly, did not notice him. He exits the building and he is on top of a short flight of stairs. And there's a guard on the side of the stairs, taking a smoke. Henry grabs the diamond and drops it on the guard's head, killing him. He jumps down, and looks at the diamond with a smile. The ending shows his enjoying his rich life. 

Infiltrating the Airhsip

They are replaced by the Toppat Club

Fleeing the Complex

They are replaced by The Wall Guards who serve Dimitri Petrov .

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