Madam Poubelle is a cold-hearted, greedy, selfish businesswoman who serves as the main antagonist of the 2005 animated film Anne: Journey to the Green Gables.


She is first introduced upon Anne's transfer to her orphanage. In which it is shown that she really doesn't care about the children's health or safety, only for the money. Anne decides to trick her by saying that she is a descendeant of a very wealthy family. However this only makes Poubelle more interested in using her to get to the money, realizing this, Anne quickly escapes by train to a place called Green Gables, where she is adopted by and eldery couple Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert . Angered by this, Poubelle sends her minions to find and capture Ann, however due to their stupidity and clumsiness, they only manage to get a family brooch of Marrila. Poubelle then decides she needs to put matters into her own hands and puts as much as coal into her metal fireplace as possible, and soon reveals that she created an entire hot air balloon out of her own room. As she flies she kidnaps Ann and her squirrel friend in order to get the money, only for Anne to reveal that she tricked her. This enrages her and decides to , due to not having any use of her anymore, dispose of Ann. However thanks to her squirrel friend, the hot air balloon crashes in the sea, in one last attempt for revenge, Poubelle grabs the squirrel in order to kill him on front of Anne, however, as her metal fireplace sinks, one of the ropes holding it also gets tangled in Poubelle's leg. Which pulls her underwater and drowns her.

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