As heir to the Machine Empire, I will throw the blagard out!
~ Prince Gasket

Prince Gasket was the eldest son of King Mondo and a main villain from Power Rangers Zeo.


Prince Gasket was the first son built by King Mondo and Queen Machina, but fell in love with Archerina, daughter of King Aradon who was Mondo's rival. They eloped, knowing their marriage would never be approved of but Gasket returned after King Mondo was destroyed in battle with the Zeo Power Rangers. He and Archerina overthrew Louie Kaboom and he became the rightful ruler of the Machine Empire.

One of Prince Gasket's most notable plans was when he brainwashed Tommy Oliver into believing he was the Machine Empire's king and that the other Rangers were his foes. Another plan of Gasket's was when he trapped the people of Earth in a time loop, so they would constantly relive the same day over and over. However due to Tommy earlier having had his brain messed with by Prince Gasket, he knew what was going on and foiled this plan. But then King Mondo was later rebuilt and the machine prince and Archerina fled from him.

The two later returned to Earth and grew to giant size after receiving advice to do so from Gasket's brother, Prince Sprocket, to battle with the Zeo Ultrazord. However they were defeated, though they survived and tried to attack Sprocket for attempting to get rid of Gasket (which had been the plan behind Sprocket's suggestion). But King Mondo arrived and the two fled again.

It is unknown what became of them afterwards, but it is presumed that they were destroyed by Zordon's energy wave. However, considering the fact that several Machine Empire Remnants were shown to have survived in Forever Red, it is possible that Gasket and Archerina survived.

Powers and Abilities

Gasket is an accomplished swordsman and could combine with Archerina into a powerful energy blast, as well as transport the two of them throughout the universe.


  • Prince Gasket's Super Sentai counterpart was actually the same one as Sprocket, Buldont, since in Chouriki Sentai Ohranger, Gasket was an older version of Sprocket.

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