Professor J. Coffonelson is a user and a minor antagonist in World Of Warcraft during the corruption war, until his death.

He is the head, founder and CEO of Projectus Investigation Inc. and he plots to take Drakenswillz' riches and kill all his men to be rich. He is also a professor in WOW whom created the lich king as experiment #195.


Foundation of Projectus Inc.Edit

He has created the lich king alongside the undead, but somehow, they have escaped. Due to a company crisis, he has to terrorize the undead, and steal the lich king's riches.


On the search for Drakenswillz, he was seen arresting some members for working under the command of the lich, with a boss named Yorkwood. He later traveled with Larry Moss , the CEO of Lichrome Inc ., and dealt with him to merge companies and offer to wipeout the undead.

Later, he anonymously chatted with his lietuant Roberesso about his plot, and told about seeing two dark minions of the lich king in the subway station of Stormwind. However, Roberesso did not agree.

Duel and deathEdit

He later went and gained some crystal from the Hellfire Peninsula, in order to create some monsters he posseses. However, he was interrupted by Drakenswillz, who dueled him for freedom and power, causing his death.

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