Professor Z

Full Name

Wolfgang Otto Zundapp


Professor Zundapp, Professor Z, "The Professor"


Sabotage the World Grand Prix, kill Lightning McQueen


Electrocuted by Holley Shiftwell and gets arrested afterwards

Zundapp, known as Professor Z is the Main Later secondary antagonist of Cars 2. His henchmen are Grem and Acer. As his name suggests, he is modelled after the Zundapp Janus car. He is voiced by a German actor named Thomas Kretchmann. He initially appeared to be the main antagonist, but was shown later to be working for Miles Axlerod.


Cars 2Edit

Professor Z first appears at the beginning of the film where he reveals the deadly weapon that looks like a TV camera. The Professor notices Finn McMissile spying on him and orders the Lemons to kill him. Finn kills several Lemons and tries to escape into the ocean, but Tony Trihull launches missiles at him, and appears to kill him. In reality, Finn had transformed into an underwater jet and swam away. With Finn apparently dead, Professor Z gloated, stating that nobody could stop him now.

The Lemons captured Rod "Torque" Redline, a spy car. Professor Z questioned and tortured him using the weapon, and a picture was given to him showing Rod with Mater. The Professor called Miles about it, who ordered him to kill Rod. The Professor complied and he used to weapon to set Rod on fire. After killing him, Professor Z uses the weapon to crash several racing cars. To kill Mater, Miles puts a bomb in Mater and activates it.

Professor Z and the lemons travel to London and kidnap Mater, Finn and Holley, leaving them tied to the gears of Big Bentley. He then observes the race, preparing to have Lightning McQueen killed, but this fails, as Sarge had replaced Lightning's allinol fuel with organic fuel.

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