Psycho-Saicon also known as the man who created Max Steel since it was the cause of the accident. His real name 

and identity is unknown, although his nickname in the Dread Organization (or nombre-codigo) thought that it comes from the fact that he seems to be a psychopath. He sometimes is called "Smiley", mainly by Max, but occasionally by other members of the N-Tek. It has a metallic face, which is covered by a mask, and a bionic arm, which can be changed on a fingernail or a laser gun and more weapons, presumably controlled by nerve signals. And he died when it exploded with a device that had been created to mutate humanity and from there increasingly are created clones to stop his destroyer which is Max Steel. He is known to be the most dangerous enemies of Max Steel and the cause of an attack, one that made Josh Mcrath into Max Steel, and Psycho, despite being dead is still a strong headache, since it currently still represents a threat. He died when it exploded with a device that had been created to mutate humanity. He made a brief cameo as a message for Max to activate the M7 and leaving their Psycho androids as a company.

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