A character born from the transformation of James Brooke from the Governor of Labuan to leader of a band of criminals. From the former governor he has preserved a military air, a subtle intelligence, astuteness, and cruelty. He is a character completely dominated by ambition,in fact he wants to regain power.But above all, he wants to destroy Sandokan, his only true enemy, the one who has brought him to his knees, humiliating him to his most vulnerable point: his pride. His objectives are clear: vengeance and revenge and anger and hate are his feelings. Sandokan is his obsession and the convicts are his instrument. Actually, he despises them and doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice them for his own personal aim. Ushitora is his deputy and he detests his proverbs, but respects his cruelty and cynism. He has always had a soft spot for his niece, Marianna because of her rebellious character. He has the face covered with a porcelain white mask, with two slits for the eyes but not for the mouth. He wears a black military uniform with long jacket and trousers,with a clear belt holding a big revolver and black big boots.The hair are covered with a black turban.

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