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Ra's Al Ghul
Ras al Ghul Begins

Full Name

Ra's Al Ghul


Henri Ducard


Batman Begins


A terrorist mastermind who is the founder of the League of Shadows and father of of Talia Al Ghul

Powers and Skills

High Intelligence
Master of Manipulation and Swordsmanship
Complete Leadership and Combatant Skills


Leading the League of Shadows
Training Bruce Wayne
Antagonizing Batman


To train Bruce Wayne in the League of Shows
To kill Batman and destroy Gotham City
(All Failed)


Dies in a train that falls off the rails before exploding after his own device self-destructs

Type of Villain

Bigger Bad
Master of Hero
Terrorist Mastermind
Tragic Anti-Villain

Ra's Al Ghul, also known as Henri Ducard, is the true main antagonist of the 2005 superhero crime action film Batman Begins and the bigger bad/posthumous antagonist of it's 2012 thrilling sequel The Dark Knight Rises.



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