Full Name

Randall Boggs


Randy Boggs, Randy, Lizard Boy (briefly used by Mike), Gator (briefly used by Hillybilly boy)


Use the Scream Extractor on children and become Top Scarer + get revenge on Sulley and Mike.


Gets kicked out of Monsters University and becomes a scarer at Monsters, Inc. (Monsters University)

Banished to the human world by Sulley and Mike and gets beaten up by Hillybilly mom with a shovel there (Monsters, Inc.)

If I don't see a new door in my station in 5 seconds, then I will personally put you THROUGH THE SHREDDER!!!!!
~ Randall to Jeff Fungus

Randall "Randy" Boggs is one of the main antagonists in Monsters Inc., and a minor antagonist in Monsters University. He was a henchmen for Henry J. Waternoose, and formerly an ally and minion for Johnny J. Worthington III.

He was voiced by Steve Bucemi.

Monsters University

Randall was once Mike's friend but turned bad after Sulley beat him!

Monsters, Inc.

Randall tries to revloutionize the scaring industry by killing humans by taking out screams! eventually Randall is banished and the door is broken!


Randall used to be somehow gentle and kind, but he became cruel and sneaky ever since he joined the RORs. Randall is easily annoyed by Fungus failing, and he also often gets into arguments with Mr. Waternoose, notably when they argue about banishing Sulley and Mike.

Randall seemed to always hate Sulley, even when he was Mike's best friend. Since Randall can blend in with his surroundings, he uses this to his advantage. Before his defeat, Randall implies that he will scare and hurt Boo for pleasure, implied by him telling Sulley that he'll "take good care of the kid!".


  • Randall was ranked #27 in Top 30 Disney Villains.



Monsters Inc Randall gets beaten up ! ! !00:59

Monsters Inc Randall gets beaten up ! ! !

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