The Red Death
Red death hero

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The Red Death




To insatiably eat endlessly his dragons as little puppets and slaves.


Get blasted in the mouth by Toothless, crashes onto the island and dies in a big, bright, fiery explosion

The Red Death is the main antagonist in How to Train Your Dragon.


Despite being the main antagonist, his role in the movie is small. The Red Death first appears when Hiccup, Toothless, and Astrid discover the Dragon's nest. After a Gronckle drops a tiny piece of fish to the Red Death, it emerges and devours the dragon. Then, the Red Death tries to eat Hiccup and his friends, but they manage to escape. The Dragon then appears again when Stoick attacks the Dragon's nest. It attacks the vikings and destroys their ships in the process. Fortunately, Hiccup and his friends arrive and stall the Red Death while Stoick frees Toothless. Hiccup drives the Red Death into the clouds and conceals Toothless' form. Toothless fires several lightning blasts at the Red Death's wings but it doesn't harm the monster. Enraged, the Red Death shoots fire in all directions around it and manages to light Toothless' tail ablaze. Using as much time as they had left, Hiccup and Toothless lead the Red Death out of the clouds and allowed it to chase them until it attempted to fire a finishing blast. However, Toothless fired a lightning blast into its stomach and lit its insides ablaze. The dragon's wings then ripped apart causing it to fall. In a resulting explosion the Red Death is killed.


The Red Death was an evil brute. She didn't care about neither humans or other dragons.


She had six, yellow eyes, giant nostrils, sharp teeth, giant wings, a club-like tail, she looked fat, had a huge frill, and short legs.


  •  The Red Death lived in a tall, slender volcano.
  • The Red Death's species is a Sea Dragonus Giganticus Maximus.
  • The Red Death was the one who forced her dragons to get food for him, and she was the reason for the war between the Vikings and the dragons.
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