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Show up Bambi and take Faline as his mate


Defeated by Bambi in combat and hurled into a river

Ronno is a minor antagonist of Bambi and the main antagonist of Bambi II. He appeares as a cameo with Bambi in Marry Poppins. He was introduced as the secondary antagonist of the first film but was ultimately defeated to make way for the true villains to take over.

In Bambi II, Ronno is voiced by Anthony Ghannam. 



Ronno makes his sole appearance at the end of Bambi's daydream with Faline, interrupting Bambi as he plays with Faline. Ronno immediately begins threatening Bambi before trying to force Faline to leave with him against her will. An enraged Bambi charges at Ronno, and the two bucks begin to fight with each other. Ronno initially overwhelms Bambi, but as the fight goes on, Bambi begins to gain the upper hand. Eventually, Bambi hurls Ronno off a cliff and into a river, defeating him. Ronno is not seen again after this.

Bambi II

Ronno appears in the midquel as a fawn, slightly older by Bambi. He first appears scaring off the Groundhog, before boasting to the other animals about spposedly taking on "Man", though Faline knows he's lying. Ronno antagonizes Bambi and challenges him to a fight, but is called away by his mother.

Ronno later becomes infatuated by Faline and tries to gain her attention, and has another confrontation with Bambi, taunting him for freezing up in fear in the meadow earlier during an attack by Man's dogs. When Ronno tries to force Faline to leave with him, Bambi stops him, and accidentally knocks Ronno into the mud. Enraged, Ronno chases Bambi and Thumper through the forest, though they manage to escape by leaping over a chasm. Bambi's father, impressed, takes Bambi back to his home. Ronno tries to jump over the chasm as well, but instead falls into a mud pit.

When Bambi is being taken to his new home by a doe named Mena, Ronno cuts him off and begins taunting him once more, claiming that Bambi's father is ashamed of him, resulting in a fight between the two. The fight causes Mena to get pushes into a snare set by Man, alerting his dogs to attack. Terrified, Ronno flees, abandoning Bambi and Mena.

Some time later, when Bambi has grown budding antlers, Ronno reappears and vows vengeance against him, only to trip on a turtle, which bites his nose, sending him off in a panic and humiliating him. 

House of Mouse

Ronno is a minor character in the show, appearing as a guest in two episodes. However, he doesn't appear in Mickey's House of Villains during the villain takeover.

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