Ryan mccarthy

ryan mccarthy

Ryan McCarthy is the antagonist in the 2008 MMA film Never Back Down playd by (Cam Gigandet)

Using his girlfriend Baja Miller to get Jake (who has a reputation for being a quick tempered brawler after an internet video of him starting a fight circulates around his new school) to go to a party where he is unwillingly pulled into a fight with Ryan Originally, Jake does not wish to fight until Ryan taunts him about his father who died while driving drunk with Jake in the car. Unsurprisingly, Jake is defeated in the fight, jake starts training in MMA soon after Baja then confronts Ryan about the fight with Jake and proceeds to end their relationship Ryan begins to create a scene before the entire school but Jake steps in to defend Baja After Ryan insults him again and leaves, and Baja and jake start to go out next Jake gets into a brawl with a group of guys in a Hummer whom Jake easily disposes of while Max (jakes best friend)

films This video again circulates around the school raising Jake's social status but agitating Ryan in the process. Ryan then proceeds to challenge Jake to compete in the Beatdown, an underground fighting tournament of which Ryan is the reigning champion but Jake decids not to compete Ryan invites Max to hang out at his house; there he begins to spar with Max before brutally assaulting him and leaving him at Jake's door. Jake and Baja take Max to the hospital where Jake decides to fight. After a mix-up where Jake and Ryan almost fight in the first round, they both proceed to make their way through each leg. After learning that Ryan was disqualified in his semifinal match, Jake forfeits, seeing no reason to continue. While he and Baja attempt to leave, Ryan confronts him and the two finally fight outside in the parking lot. Ryan at first gains the upper hand, applying a choke on Jake. However Jake escapes and, with the entire crowd watching, knocks out Ryan using one of the first combinations taught him.

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