Sabretooth Open Season Vol 1 2 Textless

Full Name

Victor Creed


Sabretooth, The Slasher, Graydon Creed Sr.


Kill as many people as he pleases



Soon as you were made mortal... you were as good as dead. I'm just here to make the final cut.
~ Sabretooth

Victor Creed, better known as Sabretooth, is a major antagonist in the X-Men. He is a mutant who possesses bestial superhuman abilities, including a rapid healing factor, fangs and claws, and superhuman senses. He is an assassin and serial killer responsible for many deaths, either as a paid mercenary or for his own sadistic pleasure. He is also the archenemy of Wolverine.



Sabretooth's memories have been heavily tampered with by organizations such as Weapon X, leaving many accounts of his past to not be of credible source. His strongest memories are that when his mutant powers first manifested, he unintentionally killed his brother Luther. His father promptly chained him in the basement and systematically removes Victor's canines in an attempt to purge him of his "demons", against his wife's wishes. Victor remained trapped for years until he eventually gnawed off his own hand to escape. In vengeance, he killed his father. However, he spared his mother and took care of her financially until her death. Another memory involves Sabretooth tracking Wolverine down in Canada while he was living in a community of Blackfoot Indians and settlers. During their encounter, Sabretooth raped and seemingly killed Logan's lover, Silver Fox, on Logan's birthday. This would be the catalyst for their future rivalry.

Eventually emerging as a costumed villain, Sabretooth became a mercenary and was responsible for many assassinations and murders.

Team X

At some point, Sabretooth joined a black ops team known as Team X, along with Wolverine and Maverick. During a mission to Russia, the team was forced to battle Omega Red and force him into hibernation. On another occasion, Sabretooth was assigned to guard a German spy named Leni Zauber. Unbeknownst to Sabretooth, Leni was actually the supervillainess Mystique. The two became intimate and Mystique eventually bore a child, who Sabretooth would not meet until years afterwards.

Some time afterwards, Sabretooth was abducted by the Weapons X program to use as a test to create super-powered sleeper agents.


Sabretooth was hired to join the Mauraders by Gambit on behalf of Minister Sinister, dispatched in order to kill off the Morlocks. When Gambit learned of the group's true intentions, he attempted to renegade, but Sabretooth badly wounded him and left him for dead. During the following mission, Sabretooth first encountered Wolverine in his costumed persona, but managed to escape his wrath. He later launched an attack on the Mansion, but was defeated in battle by another X-Men member, Psylocke.

Return to Weapon X

Sabretooth later discovered that his age-suppression was wearing off, and was forced to form an alliance with his former Weapon X teammates to discover the cause. Infiltrating the old base, the group discovered the truth about their implanted memories. Driven mad by Psi-Borg, Sabretooth murdered Silver Fox, this time for real, much to Wolverine's grief.

During this time, Sabretooth had formed a bond with a telepath named Birdy, who used her powers to tame his homicidal urges. He began building a power base, but was drawn into conflict with the X-Men and Omega Red once more. Shortly afterwards, Birdy was killed by Sabretooth's son Graydon, driving Sabretooth mad.


Without Birdy to calm his rage, Sabretooth soon returned to his homicidal nature, culminating in a clash with Maverick, whom was defeated. He later attacked the leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier, who infiltrated the super-villain's mind and discovered that Sabretooth remembered all of his victims. This led Charles to believe that Sabretooth valued human life, and redemption was possible. Sabretooth was later incarcerated, and begrudgingly joined the X-Men for some time. After Caliban abducted X-Men member Jubilee in exchange for Sabretooth, Sabretooth mauled Caliban's face, forcing him to retreat. When Wolverine returns, Sabretooth challenges him to a fight, leading Wolverine to stab him in the brain.

Sabretooth, seemingly gentler, is nursed by X-Force member Boomer, only to reveal that he was feigning helplessness. He attempts to kill Boomer, only to be confronted by Psylocke, who uses her psionic to attempt to disable him. However, as a result of his brain injury sustained during his battle with Wolverine, Sabretooth is rendered resistant to telepathic detection and control. He attempts to kill Psylocke, but is incacapitated by the X-Men.