Michelle Kaioh is a young lady who is caught between two grand things. On one side of her is her incomparable aesthetic beauty. Not only is she herself beautiful, but she has an unparalleled talent for the fine arts: a virtuoso on the violin and a renowned painter and sculptor. On the other side is this daunting destiny of hers: like a tsunami about to swamp a city. She knows what is coming, and she is coming to terms with the reality that the beautiful side of herself has to wait in the face of these ill omens. She considers it her fate to defend the world as Sailor Neptune. She takes comfort, however, in knowing that she is not alone. Amara, her most treasured companion, is by her side. Are they truly lovers (the dub downplays this relationship by depicting them as cousins)? It's up to you, but you can't think of one without considering the other. In any event, Michelle is the submissive lady of the pair. Sailor Neptune, naturally enough, is the soldier of the oceans. Her Japanese name, Michiru Kaioh, means "Lord of the Seas and Tides," referring to Neptune himself, Roman god of the seas. Not only can she deluge her foes with the tidal wave of Deep Submerge, but she can cleanse illusions and reveal the truth through the Submarine Mirror.

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