Destroying Frieza was a feat a few could pull off. You may be a prestigious kill for us. „~ Salza to Goku.

Salza is a villain from the Dragon Ball Z movie, Cooler's Revenge. He is Cooler's right hand man and leader of the Cooler's Armored Squadron, alongside Neiz and Doore. In Fusion Reborn he follows Frieza instead of Cooler, who does not appear. He is Brench from the Planet of the same name.Contents [show] HistoryDragon Ball Z: Cooler's RevengeSalzaSalza's original appearanceB1bl1kalAdded by B1bl1kalSalza was seen alongside his master as they witnessed Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta.  Years later, Salza accompanied Cooler to Earth in order to kill Goku in vengeance for destroying Frieza. He and his companions attacked Goku and his friends as they were on a camping trip and when they disappeared, scoured the area looking for them. Later 190px-SauzaVSPiccoloSalza battles PiccoloMajinAburaAdded by MajinAburawhen they battled for a second time, Salza succeded in taking down Gohan and Krillin. However Piccolo appeared and killed both Neiz and Doore. Salza began to fight the Namekian and attempted to defeat him with his Salza Blade technique, but Piccolo had the advantage in the battle. However Cooler appeared and took over the battle, instructing Salza to go after Gohan. He followed the boy and managed to destroy the bag of Senzu Beans that Gohan went to retrieve.Salza fought Gohan and Krillin again and defeated them easily. When Goku recovered from his injuries, the alien punched him in the face with no effect and the saiyan sent him flying into a mountain, using only his energy.After Cooler was defeated, Salza reappeared in a final attempt to destroy the weary Goku, Gohan, and Krilin. But Piccolo blasted him through the chest with a Special Beam Cannon killing him.Dragon Ball Z: Fusion RebornSalza returns in Fusion Reborn when all of the villains escape hell, he now follows Frieza and appears as part of his Army of Hell. Salza flees after the defeat of Frieza and is later sent back to hell.Powers and Abilities180px-Salza1Salza using the Salza BladeMajinAburaAdded by MajinAburaSalza has superhuman abilities and the ability to manipulate energy in the form of flight and blasts, as well as his signature Salza Blade technique. Salza is also one of the greatest geniuses of his home planet and he is able to speak over 7,000 languages.TriviaSalza's english name is a pun on the Spanish condiment, "salsa". His Japanese name, Sauzer, is a pun on Thousand Island salad dressing.The Salza Blade resembles a light saber from the Star Wars movies.Salza is stated to be of the same alien race as Jeice and has a rivalry with Captain Ginyu.

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