Sarco and Surly
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Full Name

Sarco and Surly


breath alligator (talk enie)


surly: be released by the anie skateboard apparently be burned by lava sarco: falls on the tar the more your body is burned

The Sarco Brothers (also known as the Sarco Bros.) are sarcosuchuses and the main antagonists of the movie Dino Time. They are voiced by Stephen and William Baldwin.

Background Edit

Sarco and Surly are the evil leaders of the dinosaur underworld. Thier lair is sinking into the tar pits ever so slowly. Their goal is to rule the upper lush valley but can't because of Tyra, the Tyrannosaurus, who protects it. the only way for them to rule the upper valley is to steal her egg and lure her to their lair to finish her off.

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