Sargeras by Jian Guo

Full Name



The Defender, Lord of the Burning Legion


Undo all of creation


Trapped in the Twisted Nether

Sargeras is the primary antagonist in the Warcraft universe. A former titan Champion of the Pantheon, he is now the titans' worst enemy. He is the creator of the Burning Legion.


Champion of the Pantheon

Sargeras was originally a titan who held the title of "The Defender", and was a noble titan. He was elected to fight demonic forces, but as the war drew on, Sargeras became deeply depressed by the continuing chaos he was burdened with fighting. Slowly, the demons began to corrupt Sargeras, even as he prevailed over them, causing him to slip into depression. 

Concerned, the other titans sent Aggramar to aid Sargeras in his battles, and the two became close friends. Knowing they couldn't permanently kill demons unless within the Twisted Nether, Sargeras created the prison world Mardum to serve as a place to imprison demonkind. With this new creation, Sargeras and Aggramar succeeded in reducing the demon threat by imprisoning them. 


On his quest, Sargeras discovered a world-soul lost in dark nightmares due to being infested by the Old Gods. Interrogating several captured demons, Sargeras learned of the Void Lords, and that if the powers of the void corrupted a titan, it would unleash an unstoppable evil. Horrified, Sargeras destroyed the demons and the world-soul. He then informed the other titans of what he had discovered, during which he confessed that he believed existence was flawed and that only by destroying creation could they defeat the Void Lords. Horrified, the other titans opposed his views, and a bitter Sargeras stormed out.

Birth of the Legion

After his dispute with the other titans, Sargeras isolated himself, meditating on the fate of the universe. Ultimately, he came to the conclusion that the only way to save the universe from the Void Lords was to wipe out all life. Travelling to a Mardum, which had become corrupted by fel energy, Sargeras released the imprisoned demons, and threatened them to join his cause as the Burning Legion. The demons agreed to help Sargeras, and he unleashed them upon the universe, causing mass chaos and destruction in what would become known as the Burning Crusade. Sargeras himself was corrupted by the fel magic, which warped his appearance.

Aggramar soon learned of Sargeras' betrayal and arrived to confront his former friend, demanding an explanation. Upon seeing how far gone Sargeras was, Aggramar challenged his former master to battle, with their fight culminating in both their blades shattering. Heavily wounded, Aggramar retreated to inform the Pantheon of Sargeras' actions.

The Pantheon responded to this threat by meeting the Legion near a planet called Nihilam. Aman'Thul, the Highfather of the Pantheon, attempted to convince Sargeras to abandon his cause, revealing of a world-soul called Azeroth that would one day be powerful enough to fight the Void Lords. Sargeras was unconvinced, however, and murdered Aggramar when he attempted to appeal to his former master. Enraged by the murder, the Pantheon launched an attack against Sargeras and the Legion, with heavy casualties on both sides. Eventually, Sargeras destroyed the Pantheon, but unknown to him, the titan Norgannon casted a spell to save the Pantheon's souls from destruction.

The Burning Crusade

Despite his victory on Nihilam, Sargeras' army had been decreased, as well as lacked strategic thinking. Travelling to the planet Argus, Sargeras met the eredar race, which he sought to include in his army. Meeting with the three leaders of the eredar, Kil'jaeden, Archimonde and Velen, he offered them great power in exchange for their loyalty. Though Velen was suspicious, Kil'jaeden and Archimonde readily agreed to Sargeras' offer. While Velen and his followers fled and became known as the draenei, Sargeras corrupted the remaining eredar, transforming them into demons. 

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