Detective Comics Vol 2 23.3 The Scarecrow Textless

Full Name

Jonathan Crane


The Scarecrow, Professor Crane, Dr. Crane


Plunge Gotham City into fear


Defeated by Batman

You see, that's why I understand you, Batman. You fear nothing. Except fear itself. That's why you're driven to prove yourself over and over. Just like me. Except you can't. Because I've mastered fear... and you still run from it.
~ Scarecrow

Jonathan Crane, better known as the Scarecrow, is an antagonist in the Batman franchise. A former professor of psychology, Jonathan Crane turned to a life of crime, utilizing his fear-inducing gas known as fear toxin to prey upon the citizens of Gotham City.



As a child, Jonathan Crane was subjected to abuse by his parents, and later his great grandmother, a religious fanatic. Growing up, he was often bullied by his peers for his lanky frame, leaving him bitter and vengeful. In his adolescent years, he developed a crush on his classmate, Sherry Squires, who was dating one of Jonathan's tormenters, Bo Griggs. However, when Jonathan asked Sherry out on a date, she conspired with Griggs to pull a prank on Jonathan. Luring Jonathan into a dark room, Sherry and Griggs surprised him by chasing him and throwing a pumpkin at him. A vengeful Jonathan later got his revenge when he attacked the two while wearing a scarecrow costume, resulting in Grigg's paralyzation and Sherry's death. 

Jonathan enrolled at Gotham University, where he excelled at psychology. Developing a fear toxin Jonathan used it to kill the professor of psychology, Avram Bramowitz, and took his place. After his dismissal for his dangerous methods, Jonathan killed those responsible and went on to enroll at Arkham Asylum, where he used his fear toxin to experiment on his patients, taking up the name "Scarecrow" as well. 

Jonathan eventually turned to crime under the moniker of "Scarecrow", and has fought with Batman many times. Among his many escapades, he joined Two-Face's super-villain gang and participated in the Columbus Day Massacre. He has been admitted into Arkham Asylum multiple times.


Scarecrow was broken out of Arkham Asylum during a massive breakout orchestrated by Bane. Shortly after his escape, Scarecrow allied with the Joker, and together the two terrorized Mayor Krol, injecting him with Scarecrow's fear toxin and forcing him to do their will.

Eventually, the two decided to lure Batman into a death trap by using Krol as bait. Upon Batman's arrival, Scarecrow injected him with his fear toxin, hoping to cripple the vigilante. However, his plan backfired when the fear toxin caused Batman to descend into rage and brutally pummel the two super-villains. The two managed to escape, however, leaving Batman to rescue Krol.

After their failure to defeat Batman, Scarecrow and the Joker got into an argument, which led to Scarecrow usign his fear toxin on the Joker. However, the Joker was immune to the toxin, and retaliated by beating the Scarecrow with a chair before ending their partnership. 

Powers and abilities

Scarecrow is a master in the field of psychology, especially the study of anxiety disorders. He is also a master chemist and has used his abilities to develop his infamous fear toxin. Scarecrow is also trained in martial arts, though he usually prefers using his fear toxins as his main weapon.

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