Scorch is a Phantom Beast who holds the spirit of the Avalon Dragon, emerging from the Crystal Eye that represents it. He kidnapped Master Swoop and used his Rinzin Power and the Crystal Eye to turn Master Swoop's animal spirit into the Bat Spirit Ranger. Scorch joined Jarrod/Dai Shi, Camille, Whiger, and Snapper in fighting the Rangers and easily defeated them. After Whiger was stripped of rank and destroyed, Scorch started to doubt Dai Shi's ability to suppress his human host due to Camille. This led to he and Snapper both secretly scheming to do something about it, from sabotaged Camille's plan with Grinder to sending Sonimax, Osiris, and Lepus to assassinate her. It was after the three failed, that Dai Shi beats Scorch while assuring him he's still in control. When Jarrod breaks free, Scorch is sent by Dai Shi to destroy both him and Camille, only to be defeated by the Jungle Pride Charge. He survived to spearhead Dai Shi's army for the final battle, easily defeating RJ and Dominic, along Masters Phant, Swoop and Finn, before being destroyed by the Rangers' Triple Claw attack. He was revived by Dai Shi for the final Beast War, but was destroyed again by the Power Rangers and the Pai Zhua Masters.

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