Seagulls (Finding Nemo)

The Seagulls are minor antagonists in the 2003 Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo,and it's 2016 sequel,Finding Dory. They are voiced by Andrew Stanton the film's director.


Finding Nemo

They are first seen when all the Seagulls are annoying Nigel when the Seagulls are keep saying "Mine!" over and over again. After this, Nigel told them to shut up, and gave them a crab to eat. They are seen again when Marlin and Dory are escaping from Nigel, and they are about to chase Nigel and eat Marlin and Dory because the seagulls were so hungry. They weren't very successful, as their bills got stuck to a ship's mast. They were seen again after a crab was angry with Dory. Dory holds up the crab, and the seagulls say, "Mine!" again. After the crab apologizes, Dory puts him back into the water, and the seagulls left.

Finding Dory

The Seagulls reappeared in Finding Dory,the sequel of Finding Nemo,as they made a cameo,when they are seen when Dory and Hank drive the truck.


  • The Seagulls are one of the antagonists to be emotionless followed by Doug from Zootopia.

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