Shadow Weaver is an evil sorceress who lives on the planet Etheria. When the evil Hordak - leader of the intergalactic army called The Horde - arrived on Etheria, he promised Shadow Weaver great power in return for information and help in overthrowing the kingdom of Bright Moon as well as the other kingdoms on the planet. Her powers were greatly enhanced through a magical gem stone. This mysterious gem stone also included an irreversible change in Shadow Weaver's appearance and mental state.

Shadow Weaver helped to lead Hordak's robot troopers and made the Horde the dominant power over the Planet Etheria.

Secretly though, Shadow Weaver longs to overtake Hordak and become supreme commander over the Evil Horde. She even made a partnership with Hordak's former apprentice, Skeletor, to fight Hordak together. However, Skeletor quickly overtook both Hordak and Shadow Weaver. It took the efforts of the heroic She-Ra to defeat Skeletor and send him back to Eternia.

Shadow Weaver continues to serve Hordak but still devises plots to conquer his throne.

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