The Shape-Shifter is a villain in Adventure time. He/she serves as the main antagonist of the episode Joshua and Margaret Investigations, and is Jake's true parent and giver of powers. He is voiced by John DiMaggio.

Adventure Time

In the flashback episode Joshua and Margaret Investigations, Joshua and Margaret (who is pregnant) go on to investigate a case of an unusual being. They see some large footprints in the ground. Following these footprints, they were led into the forest surrounding Tree Trunk's house. Joshua was becoming increasingly convinced that an actual monster existed, became more worried about Margaret and moved they discontinue the case. However, Margaret ran deeper into the forest, forcing Joshua to follow. They followed the footprints into the brush, when suddenly a strange blue cat lept out of a bush in front of them. The blue cat turned out to be a shape shifter, its true form later seen as a Shape-shifter. The creature bit Joshua on his head, causing Margaret to pull out a pin from her hat and shank the creature in its side, wounding it. Hurt, it ran back off into the forest, dripping 'blood' on its way back to it's lair.

Back in their house, Joshua is seen with a bandage on his head, covering the wound where the Shape-shifter's venom quickly spread after entering his body. Joshua suggested that Margaret end his misery and kill him with his sword. However Margaret wouldn't hear it, and quickly tried to find an antidote for the venom in the Book of Poisons. The book stated that she needed to obtain more venom from the creature to develop the antidote. She got geared up with ammo, weapons, and defense, and donned a new hat. After leaving a walkie-talkie next to Joshua, to allow them to stay in contact, she set off in search of the creature. The scene changes to Margaret parking her car back in the forest, following the trail the creature left behind when she suddenly found herself in the creature's lair. When she called Joshua on her walkie-talkie to check on him, we see Joshua at home with bulging veins. He accidentally steps on the walkie-talkie, crushing it, and we see a blue lump growing on his head as he moans.

Back to Margaret looking for the creature, she shone the flashlight around, trying to locate the creature. She shot some arrows with her crossbow but missed, as the creature suddenly shapeshifted, dodging away and next to her. It shapeshifted into many animals before it finally approached Margaret. She reached for her crossbow and fired upon a stack of boxes, causing them to fall on the creature. It then shapeshifted into a baby-like-creature to lure Margaret closer, but when she was close enough, she sucker-punched the shape-shifter, and drained its venom into a test tube. Margaret leaves the lair, apologizing while walking backwards to the exit, but as soon as she was gone the creature suddenly returned to normal, laughed evily, created a portal, and then shapeshifted into a blue ball and entered the portal.

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