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Kill Littlefoot and his friends


Falls into a lake after a falling boulder knocks him unconscious and dies.

Sharptooth is the main antagonist in The Land Before Time. He is a massive Tyrannosaurus rex who is blind in one eye, which is due to an encounter with Littlefoot and Cera, leading him to develop a hatred against them and their friends. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

Appearance Edit

Sharptooth is an olive green Tyrannosaurus rex with red eyes (one is swollen shut) with sharp teeth and talons.

Personality Edit

Sharptooth is cruel, vicious, mean, angry, uncaring, ruthless, merciless, murderous and violent.

The Land Before Time Edit

Sharptooth first appears in a swamp where Littlefooth and Cera are playing. Sharptooth pursues the two into a thicket of thorns, which results in his eye getting scarred when Littlefoot unintentionally plunges a thorn into his face. Littlefoot's mother arrives to defend the two, and battles Sharptooth. Their fight is disrupted by an earthquake, during which Sharptooth makes another attempt to kill Littlefoot and Cera. However, he is knocked into a chasm by Littlefoot's mother. However, she dies of the injuries she sustained in the fight.

Cera later discovered the Sharptooth's body within the chasm and presumed him dead. However, the large predator was soon revealed to have survived the fall, awakening and scaring Cera off. Though she warns Littlefoot and the others about the Sharptooth's survival, Littlefoot is convinced that he is dead. However, he is proven wrong when Sharptooth later attacks the group, though they manage to escape.

Some time later, during which Cera has abandoned the group, they notice Sharptooth nearing the Great Valley. Littlefoot, seeking a way to get rid of Sharptooth for good, forms a plan to drop a boulder on him and knock him into a lake, knowing he can't swim. Using Ducky as bait, the group lures Sharptooth out towards the lake, but have difficulty pushing the boulder off the cliff. Sharptooth pounces onto the cliff and nearly kills the group, but Cera unexpectedly returns and rams into the boulder, shoving it off the cliff and taking Sharptooth with it. The predator plummets into the lake, nearly taking Petrie with him, and sinks to the bottom of the lake, drowning.

Trivia Edit

  • Sharptooth was mentioned by Bron in The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration.

Gallery Edit

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