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The Mother Sharptooth Flyer and The Baby Sharptooth Flyers are minor antagonists in The Land Before Time 5: The Mysterious Island.

Biography Edit

The adult Sharptooth Flyer was kidnapping Ducky after she fell off a cliff. She said thanks for the ride to the adult Sharptooth Flyer. Ducky calls the baby Sharptooth Flyers cute babies. The Mother Sharptooth Flyer was defeated when she was bitten by one of her babies and loses Ducky. After Ducky escapes from the five Sharptooth Flyers, they were never seen again in the rest of the movies. It is unkown what happend to the Sharptooth Flyers after Ducky escaped from them.

In The Land Before Time IV:Journey Through the Mists, a sharptooth flyer named Ichy, who is one of the two main antagonists alongside Dil, was the only sharptooth flyer who talks.

A Sharptooth Flyer also appeared in The Land Before Time TV series episode, The Spooky Nighttime Adventure. It also appeared as the antagonist in the episode.

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