Full Name



The Hunter


Kill Boog and Elliott and bring back Open Season so he can continue hunting


Arrested by Gordy

Shaw is the main antagonist of the 2006 film Open Season. He is a dim-witted hunter in the film and he is the gross hunter in town he is also lazy. He wants to kill Boog and Eliot in the movie.

He later reappeared in Open Season: Scared Silly.

Role in Open Season

He only appears in the first movie and he was seen at the beggining of the film were he had Eliot tied to his truck and then Shaw was a trash-talking antagonist to Boog's boss Beth and then in one scene Boog frees Eliot from his truck and then Shaw saw Boog untie Eliot from the truck and then Gordy said Shaw no shooting in town! and then Shaw said that bear untied my Buck! and then he was seen again when Boog's second performace when Shaw chases Eliot and then Eliot Decided to be with Boog to be safe from the gross hunter Shaw so Eliot will not die and then in one scene of the movie again there was a flood and he was in the water with his truck and was going to Kill Boog and Eliot and then Boog broke into his home.

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