Shere Khan
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Full Name

Shere Khan


Old Stripes


Kill Mowgli and any human he comes across


Gets trapped in a lava pit

Shere Khan, also known as Old Stripes, is the main antagonist in The Jungle Book and its sequel and an anti-hero in Jungle Cubs and Tail Spin. He is a suave and savage tiger who hates all of humanity because a hunter once shot at him, and seeks to kill any human who dares enter the jungle. When he finds out a young boy named Mowgli has been living in the jungle, he returns to kill him. Shere Khan is feared by everyone in the jungle, and he knows this, once boasting that everyone runs from him. He is displeased if anyone is not afraid of him. He is voiced by the late George Sanders in the original film and the late Tony Jay in the sequel.


The Jungle Book

Shere Khan has recieved word of a young boy named Mowgli living in the jungle, and has returned to seek him out and kill him. Mowgli has been living with the wolves, but when they hear of Shere Khan's presence, they are forced to send the boy away. The jaguar Bagheera decides to take him to the human village, but Mowgli doesn't want to go to the village and wants to stay in the jungle. He reasons that he could explain to Shere khan he is not bad, but Bagheera warns him that no one explains anything to Shere Khan.

Shere Khan himself starts stalking the other animals, including a deer to hunt but is disturbed by the elephants. Shere Khan then confronts the snake Kaa to question him for the location of Mowgli. Shere Khan was unaware that Kaa actually had Mowgli wrapped in his coils, and Kaa tricked him into leaving. Mowgli escapes from Kaa and runs into Shere Khan, who tries to kill him. Baloo the bear, who had befriended Mowgli, comes to Mowgli's rescue and fights Shere Khan and is nearly killed. The vultures fly down and distract Shere Khan while Mowgli ties a burning stick to his tail. Upon noticing this, Shere Khan panics and runs away.

The Jungle Book 2

Shere Khan returns in the sequel as the main antagonist. Returning to the jungle, Shere Khan sets out to find Mowgli and kill him in revenge for humiliating him in their previous encounter. Learning that Mowgli now lives in a human village, Shere Khan travels to the village to find him. Arriving at the village, Shere Khan hears Shanti, one of Mowgli's friends, calling out to him. However, his plan for revenge is foiled when Baloo arrives and takes Mowgli back to the jungle, and the villagers attack Shere Khan and chase him away.

Returning to the jungle, Shere Khan meets Kaa and demands to know where Mowgli is. The snake lies to him and directs him to a swamp. He then meets the vultures, and their newest member, Lucky, invokes Shere Khan's wrath. The tiger tricks him into revealing Mowgli's whereabouts, and then proceeds to maul him for his earlier jokes.

Shere Khan finally finds Mowgli, along with his younger brother Ranjan and Shanti. The children flee to a temple with Shere Khan in pursuit, where Mowgli, Shanti and Baloo team up to trick him. The trio confuse the tiger by banging on gongs throughout the temple. However, one of the gongs falls down, revealing Shanti. Shere Khan threatens to murder Shanti unless Mowgli reveals himself, which he does.

As Shere Khan prepares to kill him, Baloo rushes out and attacks Shere Khan, giving the children the chance to escape. Shere Khan pursues them, with the chase culminating in the three falling down towards a pit of lava. However, Baloo saves Mowgli and Shanti, whereas Shere Khan lands on a small slab of rock in the middle of the pit. He is then crushed underneath a fallen tiger statue, trapping him. Lucky, who had survived his earlier mauling, then flies down and starts taunting Shere Khan once more, much to his annoyance. It's unkown what happens to him after this.


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