Ultimate Spider-Man Shocker

Shocker is a supervillain in the Spider-Man comic book series.


While in jail, the professional criminal Herman Schultz created a pair of shock-wave producing gauntlets and a padded suit to protect himself. He could now create powerful air-vibrations to smash down walls or blast enemies away. Shocker has joined the Sinister seven and the Masters of Evil on different occasions.


He also joined the Thunderbolts for a short time, contemplating on giving up his criminal life, but has since left them and stayed a villain, joining the Villains for Hire. It is possible that Shocker has the potential to be a hero, but has shown a lack of self-esteem. He is a pragmatic criminal and only commits crimes and does evil acts if they are practical and beneficial at the time.


Despite being a relatively minor Spider-Man villain, Shocker has become more popular and has made many appearances in Spider-Man media, one of the most recent being The Spectacular Spider-Man TV series, in which his identity was changed from Herman Schultz to Montana of the Enforcers.

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