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Si and Am

Full Name

Si and Am


The Siamese Cats


Cause trouble sand mischief


Scared off by Scamp

Si and Am are antagonists of Lady and the Tramp. They are Aunt Sarah's pet Siamese cats.


Lady and the Tramp

When Sarah comes to visit, she brings her two cats in a small picnic basket. When Lady passes by, the two Siamese peer out of the basket and Lady sees them. Si and Am shut the basket in front of a surprised Lady. As Lady approaches the basket, the Siamese cats leave the basket and sing "We Are Siamese If You Please" to Lady, and at the same time they try to eat the bird, but Lady chases them off. They soon start wrecking havoc in the roo, trying to eat the fish, but hear the baby crying, so they try to enter the room so they can steal the milk. Lady jumps in front of them and chases them down the stairs, but they tangle her up in a blanket. As Sarah comes in, they fake injury and are carried up the stairs, and Lady is muzzled.

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