Sinband Crectaur is the main antagonist of World Of Warcraft, during the times of Project: Termination Program. He is the top and corrupt CEO of Lichrome Inc., the mayor of Stormwind City, and he has plotted all the time to invade the undead lands in the death valley, and wipe them out. He is behind Jaina's plot, as well as being her husband.


Early life

As a 16 year old, he feared the undead would eat him alive, as they have done that to his friend. He had nightmares and illusive imaginations, about the undead. He invented the company Lichrome Inc., to find a solution to the undead attacks in Stormwind.

Project: Termination Program

After many years, he married Jaina, and heavily influenced her against the horde, so he can wipe-out the undead with his power of influence. He later chatted with Larry Moss and it was revealed after his vice CEO went, that he has plotted all the time to invade the undead with more supervillainous creatures. He attacked animals, and got from it a wizard's bent staff. He then killed Kurtok the slayer, took his throne, and stood behind him so he will not attack back, but will defend him. Then, he hired Thugzor the great to wipe out the wizards, and take their magic, but was killed by the wizards on the way. Sinband knew he needs to get more power and kill more animals.

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